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Crystal Ravel River Cruise

A Danube Melody “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river running in you, a joy” Rumi Apart from a river cruise many years ago on the Irrawaddy in Myanmar, river cruising was a new concept to us at Destination Elite. Like many of our fellow passengers, we were savvy ocean cruisersRead More

Voyage, Bali to Singapore Silver Muse March 2019

Sea Daze   Voyage, Bali to Singapore Silver Muse March 2019 “To unpathed waters and undreamed shores” William Shakespeare Savvy travelers know the allure of life on board a luxury cruise liner; they are accustomed to having it all! As the audacious cruise traveler needs to grow, so too does the fleet of Silversea. ContinuallyRead More

Tips for not over packing when travelling

Lighten your load when travelling “Like everything in life, sometimes you find out the hard way”   One of the most frequent and tiresome mistakes we make when travelling: Over packing! The longer you are away, the bigger the suitcase, right…wrong…when in doubt leave it out! It was my first extended overseas trip and IRead More

Taking on the world one cocktail at a time

What is it about travel that brings out the lush in us all? I love it when I board a luxury airline and they offer you champagne, you look at each other, look at your watch, noting its 9am in the morning, shrug your shoulders and say, “Hey, somewhere in the world it’s time forRead More