Arcana Izu
1662, Yugashima, Izu city,
Shizuoka 410-3206,
The Ryokan Collection
Tel +81 3 6824 1015 / Fax +81 3 6893 4728

  • 16 suites
  • Living space and bedroom
  • Private open air bath facilitated in all rooms
  • Shower (built-in)
  • Indoor bath tub (the SUITE only)
  • Kitchenette (the SUITE only)
  • Fireplace (the SUITES only)
  • Deck chairs and table (the SUITE and river wing SUITES)
  • Writing desk (the SUITE and river wing SUITES)
  • CD player
  • Internet
  • Hot water pot
  • Refrigerator with mini bar
  • Safe deposit box
  • Restaurant “Lumiere, Arcane Izu”
  • In-room spa
  • Collection of fine art on display
  • Natural hot springs baths
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Cycling
  • Diving


When the Arcana idea was born, this expansive property in Yugashima’s mountains was envisioned as a small but lavish hotel where clients could come to relax with family and friends. All rooms feature magnificent views of the Kano River, where breezes waft over the trees and leaves whisper nature’s intentions. The deep outdoor natural hot spring baths, positioned carefully on the verandah of each room, enhance the relaxing theme of the hotel. The restaurant “Lumiere, Arcane izu” offers French cuisine combined with the finest local ingredientsfound in Izu.


Inspired by modern Japanese architecture, Arcana Izu exudes an ambiance of relaxation, enhanced by the mountain sounds reverberating throughout the property. With its beautiful contemporary design and lush foliage, the resort offers a setting to appeal to the most discriminating traveler.

The hotel’s design is a showcase for the natural marriage of cuisine and art, with nature as the backdrop. It lives up to its name – “Arcana”, Latin for deep secrets, offers some of the finest dining in Japan as well as an impressive collection of fine art throughout the 16 rooms, each decorated by a different artist. Dining features organic seasonal fruits and vegetables to complement fresh seafood and other local delicacies.

The 16 rooms feature colorful markings on the doors identifying the rooms, an element that arouses curiosity. The natural elements on the markings, such as water, moon and forest, are places where guests can immerse themselves in the environment.

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